Proficient Flight’s VFR Emergency training session covers emergency procedures and provides an introduction to the principles of instrument flight for VFR rated pilots.

As a VFR pilot, you should never allow yourself to get into IMC conditions. However, you should know how to use your gauges effectively to get you back to the safety of VFR conditions in emergencies. This four-hour training session will teach you the principles of IFR flight and how to interpret and use your gauges in an emergency situation. You learn and practice other emergency techniques as well, for example how to effectively handle an engine failure.

Proficient Flight’s instructors help you develop the skills necessary to safely handle real emergencies.

Session 1 – Emergencies

  • Checklists and Pilots Operating Handbook (POH)
  • Cockpit emergency flow
  • Best glide speed
  • Pick landing spot
  • Engine restart, unsuccessful restart
  • VFR into IMC emergency tactics

Session 2

  • Simulator orientation, take-offs, landings
  • Engine failures, multiple and variable situations
  • En route engine power loss (partial power)
  • En route oil pressure loss (eventual engine failure)
  • En route carburetor ice

Session 3 – VFR into IMC

  • En route at 5,500 MSL with deteriorating visibility & ceilings
  • 180 degree turn & radar vectors
  • Transponder I.D. and D.F. steer to runway for visual landing



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