At Proficient Flight we adjust the curriculum to meet your specific interests and skills, spending more or less time on each area as necessary.

Many training centers and CFIIs will cover only a representative sample of the FAA requirements for an IPC. Proficient Flight covers every item listed in the FAA requirements, ensuring that you are proficient in all areas.

Session 1:

  • FARs (Federal Aviation Regulations) related to instrument flight
  • FAA practical test standards for an IPC
  • Simulator orientation
  • Checklist, start-up, take offs and landings, basic flight maneuvers, V-speeds, aircraft performance numbers

Session 2:

  • Enroute charts and approach plates
  • Procedures: clearance/separations, departure, en route, holding, arrival
  • Straight and level flight, change of airspeed
  • Constant airspeed climbs and descents, rate climbs and descents
  • Unusual attitude recovery with full panel and partial panel
Session 3:
  • Pre-positioned approaches with varied conditions: non-precision, ILS, missed, circle, DME arc

Session 4:

  • Loss of communications, emergency operations, post-flight procedures
  • Failed AI during radar vectors
  • Failed engine during radar vectors, (multi-engine)



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