Proficient Flight provides simulator-based recurrent training to general aviation pilots. Our one-day or two-day insurance-approved courses improve your flight skills and prepare you for challenging situations.

Proficient Flight's Simulator
Proficient Flight trains in an incredibly realistic simulator that can be configured to the specifications of most single or multi-engine aircraft. With an enclosed cockpit, almost 180 degrees field of vision and advanced graphics, our visual system depicts surprisingly realistic views. When you confront and successfully manage a challenging situation in our simulator, the adrenaline rush and pride you feel are as powerful as if you had been in your airplane.

Panel with Pilot.

Panel with outside view.

Professional, Comprehensive and Consistent Training
Proficient Flight’s experienced CFIIs are highly accomplished instructors who make your flight training worthwhile and challenging.

Course Offerings
Proficient Flight operates seven days a week and offers three training courses for single and multi-engine pilots:

  • One-day Recurrent Instrument Training
  • Two-day Recurrent Instrument Training
  • VFR Emergency Training

See our Course Offerings page for more details.

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