More than seventy-three percent of general aviation accidents are pilot-related. Whether you fly VFR or IFR, the best way to safely manage challenging flight situations is to train for them. You can try to simulate emergencies or low weather conditions in your aircraft, but simulator-based training provides a realism and intensity that covering gauges and wearing a hood just can’t match.

What will Proficient Flight’s recurrent training do for you?

Work with an experienced, professional CFII:
At Proficient Flight you receive individual instruction for the duration of your training session. Our experienced CFIIs are high time pilots with careers in aviation. They have been PIC in challenging situations and bring their experiences to the training curriculum.

Assess and improve your flight skills:
Proficient Flight CFIIs are trained to assess your skills and adjust your instruction accordingly. In all cases, you improve your flight skills and expand your flyable hours.

Complete an Instrument Proficiency Check, (IPC:)
Proficient Flight follows the FAAs practical test standards for an IPC in their entirety, ensuring that all of your instrument flight skills are at their best.

Meets insurance requirements:
Proficient Flight is an approved training center for most major aviation insurance companies.

Prepare for emergencies:
Practicing emergencies in a simulator provides an element of surprise and authenticity that covering gauges and wearing a hood can’t match. Proficient Flight puts you through a rigorous curriculum of simulated flight scenarios that help you develop the skills and procedures necessary to safely handle real emergencies.

Fly LOFT flight scenarios:
In Proficient Flight’s two-day recurrent training course you put together the skills you practiced in completing the IPC and doing emergency training to fly LOFT (line-oriented flight training) scenarios. LOFT flights are designed as high workload, single-pilot IFR flights. During your flight you may experience emergencies, equipment failures, or both. The decisions you make compound to affect the safety and outcome of your flight. Your instructor acts as ATC and conducts a thorough debriefing session.

Save time:
Proficient Flight’s training is well organized and time-efficient. You receive individual instruction for the entirety of your training and spend at least half of your time in the simulator. There is no downtime for fueling or preflighting as with an actual plane and no time spent waiting for your turn for the runway. At Proficient Flight, you always log more flight hours and dual received than you would in an actual aircraft.

Save money:
The cost of Proficient Flight’s training is less than most comparable training centers, and likely less than the cost of training in your own aircraft.

Proficient Flight is located at the Dodge County Airport (KUNU), Juneau, WI. We are easily accessed by car, general aviation, or commercial flights.


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