Training Courses - Your Plane or Mine?

     Proficient Flight specializes in the ten day instrument course.  During your flight training the course will consist of twenty hours of simulator training and twenty hours in the aircraft.  Prior to taking each step of the lesson to the aircraft, it will be learned in the simulator so when you go to the aircraft you will already know what to do and how to do it.  The most difficult thing to do is learn one hundred percent in the aircraft and no time in a simulator. This process would be very costly considering you can not stop the aircraft in flight and discuss any errors that are being made.

     With 19,000 plus hours and instructing both military and civilian pilots, and having the pleasure of working for PIC (Professional Instrument Courses) for thirteen years doing the ten day instrument course.   I have found the easy way to teach the most difficult portions of the instrument rating.  You will find the training most enjoyable.  It helps to have the instrument written passed but not a reason not to start the training. 

     The training can be accomplished by my coming to you or you coming to Wisconsin.  We can use your aircraft or mine.  If you have a twin we can use that if preferred.  I am approved by all insurance companies in the Cessna cabin class models as well as the Piper twins. 

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